Organisational Development for CSOs

It does not matter whether your civil society organization has just been established or it has been actively working for several few years now, it might face the same organizational challenges. In many CSOs, especially those run by volunteers, active members are lacking the knowledge on how to create a strategic organization’s plan, find resources or lead a team.

This course aims to provide some expertise and tools on how some of these challenges can be overcome. Even though the course is designed for active members of CSOs, anyone who is interested in the field of institutional development can participate as well.

The course consists of 4 modules:

Module 1: Strategic planning.

The module focuses on the examination and assessment of an organization’s goals, activities and resources in a timely manner.

Module 2: Human Resources Management

HR management is a much more complicated process than many people imagine. The module analyses good practices in HR to enhance organizations productivity and maintain a pleasant working atmosphere within the organization.

Module 3: Fundraising Skills

Proper fundraising skills are crucial for the survival and growth of CSOs. Module 3 provides the explanation and examples of different types of fundraising activities for your organization. It will also provide you with the skills for creating a realistic fundraising strategy.

Module 4: Change Management

The unexpected happens, and every organization needs to adjust to the changes in order to achieve goals or work towards the strategic creation of new ones. Module 4 of this course will introduce you to the change management process that is crucial for the efficiency for the organization.

The course will end with a Final test to assess your skills and knowledge gained from this course.


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