Skills for Policy Dialogue for CSOs

The aim of this course is to strengthen the capacities of CSOs to effectively represent the interests of their local communities and increase the accountability of local authorities. In order to achieve this goal, the course is divided into 4 modules:

Module 1: Policy analysis, monitoring of policy making and policy implementation

To keep local authorities accountable, CSO needs to understand their actions, policies and decision making process. This module provides knowledge on these issues and helps CSOs understand how they can contribute to the policy making process and its monitoring.

Module 2: Negotiation skills

It is not enough to understand how local authorities work. To achieve policy change, negotiations between different stakeholders are needed. This module will enable participants to understand different types of negotiations, their strategies and will introduce several useful negotiation techniques.

Module 3: Advocacy and Lobbying

Ability to influece various stakeholders is crucial for CSOs. This module will help participants understand the relationship between advocacy and lobbying and how it can be used to achieve social change in the community.

Module 4: PR and media skills

The success of any advocacy campaign is dependent on its publicity. The wider an audience hears about your initiatives, the more likely those initiatives are to succeed. Therefore, CSOs need to have good PR and media skills to make their activities visible to stakeholders. The objective of module 4 is to provide civil society organisations with some skills of public relations and effective communication strategies that can be used in their daily work.

The course will end with a Final test to assess your skills and knowledge gained from this course.


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