EaP Civil Society Fellowship Programme 2019: Young Civil Society in Eastern Partnership Countries. Webinar: Questions and Answers

This webinar was designed for potential applicants for the 3rd Call of the 2019 EaP Civil Society Fellowship Programme.

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Fellowship programme aims to identify young ambitious/ high-potential/ forward-thinking civil society activists from the EaP region and support the development of their leadership skills, as well as allow them to bring about positive changes in their communities by providing them with resources for targeted activities. Each year 20 talented fellows are selected within the project. Fellows receive up to 5,000 EUR to develop their own activities, under the supervision of a mentor or within a certain civil society organisation in the European Union or the EaP region.

Examples of previous projects include: an audit of public transport and accessibility issues, advocacy on financial crimes, improving the quality of local playgrounds, e-democracy, etc. If you are interested to find out more about our fellows from 2016-2018, please have a look at their projects here: http://eapcivilsociety.eu

This is a second webinar for the 2019 Fellowship Call. If you want to access the first webinar, explaining how to prepare a successful application for this call, press here.

The following topics are covered in the webinar:

  • Candidate eligibility, explanation of the Application Form;
  • Clarification of supporting documents that are needed to be included in the application;
  • Explanation of Action timeline, Action proposal and Action implementation;
  • Discussion on Action Budget and eligible costs;
  • The role of potential host organisations.

Download presentation (ppt, 2.0 MБ)


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