Online Project Management Tools

Webinar #2 in the “Embracing Remote Work for Civil Society” series by Vladimir Ivanov & Iryna Velska, experts of the EaP Civil Society Facility – Regional Actions project Embracing Remote Work Series of Webinars to help you learn more about some of the most used tools and solutions for distant work, online communication and collaboration. […]
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Sustainability of Hackathon-Born Project

Uladzislau Laurychenka manages the Education Project at Teplitsa, Social Technologies in Russia. His team is organizing Hackathons for various civil society organizations and helps them create technology-driven social projects. Uladzislau admits that some initiatives, created during the hackathons are not being fully implemented. During the 2018 EaP Civil Society Hackathon, he shared his remarks on […]
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IT Project Management for CSOs

The course is designed for representatives of the civil society of the Eastern Partnership countries who implement social projects using information technology. The course is based on a review of more than 70 digital tools, resources on project management, design and publication of content on the Internet, organization of teamwork and effective communication with stakeholders. […]
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