Our e-learning hub offers civil society activists a range of products to assist their learning across 8 topic areas.  Learners can search the hub via formats or by topic area.

The formats are:

  • Recorded Webinars –  these are around 60-90 minutes long and are mostly structured with a presentation from a speaker/expert/trainer, followed by interaction through Q&As with the webinar audience
  • Long Video Lectures –  the videos are usually 30-60 minutes in length and feature illustrated lectures
  • Self-Directed Modular courses –  these courses require the learner to progress through a number of modules, each made up of video presentations, reading materials, and exercises.  The courses are delivered through a platform which enables the learner to register and to keep track of progress on the course.  The courses include more than 20 hours of learning.

The range of topic areas includes:

Most of the learning products are available in English only, but some have multiple language functions, and a few are limited to one local language.

Our e-learning hub benefits from contributions from many different partners, so if you have any recommendations of partner organisations who may want to contribute, please let us know.  Use the ‘Contact’ page to send us details of recommendations as well as any feedback that you may have about the hub.

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