Data Detox Webinar

Data Detox with Varoon Bashyakarla

Are you and/or your organisation in an unhealthy relationship with your data?! Maybe that’s a question you’ve been meaning to answer for a long time, but didn’t quite know how. Or maybe you’re getting increasingly concerned about high profile data breaches, creepy ads following you around the internet, or simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume […]
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Cybersecurity for CSOs with Varoon Bashyakarla

Cybersecurity isn’t just a buzzword, but a critical concept for the success of any CSO, activist, and for the safety of a team. The security of information (both online and off) is a challenge that requires focus, investment and vigilance.  Check our recorded webinar on Cybersecurity for Civil Society Organisations  with Varoon Bashyakarla. Varoon underlines […]
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Introduction to Hacker Culture with Michal Czyzewski / DataFest Tbilisi

Introduction to Hacker Culture with Michał Czyzewski / Thanks to DataFest Tbilisi and ForSet (EN only. Running time 39 mins.) Michał begins with some useful definitions and explanation of terms, then explores hackerspaces and the contributions of hacking to digital rights debates and cyber security. Michał Czyzewski is a public interest technologist and journalistic cybersecurity […]
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