Introduction to Hacker Culture with Michal Czyzewski / DataFest Tbilisi

Introduction to Hacker Culture with Michał Czyzewski / Thanks to DataFest Tbilisi and ForSet (EN only. Running time 39 mins.) Michał begins with some useful definitions and explanation of terms, then explores hackerspaces and the contributions of hacking to digital rights debates and cyber security. Michał Czyzewski is a public interest technologist and journalistic cybersecurity […]
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Project Budgeting & Product Roadmap

 Speaker: Anton Perkin CEO at FusionWorks, Moldova Anton is the head and co-founder of FusionWorks software development company, an initiator and organiser of regular IT events in Moldova, including the annoual Moldova Developer Conference, and an architect of a number of tech startups. Anton has over 15 years of experience in software development, but sadly admits he has […]
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Project Management: how to know what should happen

Webinar with Roman Gluck on project management  Speaker: Roman Gluck IT Project Manager, UX designer, Moldova Roman is a professional UX designer and experienced IT Project Manager from Chisinau. He is an expert in public speaking, and for more than 5 years he has been helping Moldovan startups to promote their ideas and products by delivering […]
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