2023 Fellowship Info Session

Information Webinar for 2023 Fellowship Applicants (Summer-Autumn Call)

Info Session for potential applicants of our 2023 (Summer-Autumn) Fellowship Call for Applications. The webinar provides detailed information about the Fellowship Programme and the application process. Webinar Agenda: 2 types of Fellowships – which one for me? Success factors for a Fellow The application process Q & A Session Read more about this Fellowship Call […]
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Data-Driven Fundraising: Strategies for Non-Profit Success

Gathering and analyzing data is really important to understand how people donate to charities and causes, and it can help you learn why they give. By looking at the data, non-profit organizations can make plans to raise money more effectively. In this webinar the focus is on data-driven decisions and how they can enhance nonprofit […]
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Information Webinar for 2023 EU-EaP Hackathon Applicants

This video is a recording of the information webinar for potential applicants of the 2023 EU-EaP Civic Tech Acceleration Hackathon. The webinar provided detailed information about the upcoming Hackathon. It covered topics such as the eligibility criteria for participants and solutions, the selection process, the timeline of the hackathon, and the support provided to participants. […]
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Introduction to PM² Project Management Methodology

Webinar “Introduction to PM², the Project Management Methodology of the European Commission” addresses Project Management as a professional discipline that has developed a solid base of knowledge and skills that are registered under several international standards and recognised principles and good practices. The webinar introduces PM², which is the Project Management Methodology that has been […]
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