Role of Schools in the 21st Century: Before and After Covid19

SPEAKER: George Chanturia, EaP Civil Society Fellow 2018, Director of Education Coalition (EFA) Georgia, MA in Organizational Development & Consultancy, MA in Cultural Studies, Teacher of Civic Educaiton GUEST SPEAKERS: Simon Janashia, PHD in Educaiton, Expert on the Education Policy Analysis, Curriculum Development; Teacher Professional Development and Education Development Elnara Mammadova, MS in Inclusive Teaching […]
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Kyiv Participatory Budget: A Recipe for Success

Millions of Ukrainians are already using various instruments of e-democracy and believe that it leads to a positive democratic change in the country. The Centre for Innovation Development in Ukraine is focusing on the development of e-democracy instruments to be made accessible to the wide society of Ukraine. During the 2018 EaP Civil Society Hackathon, Serhiy […]
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Data Collection or What You Can Do if There is No Open Data Available

Data collection can be a long and frustrating process, especially in the age of the Internet. Some of the data that might be crucial for the implementation for your social project or initiative may not be easily accessible. Alina Radacynskaja, a coordinator at Open Data Belarus and Gleb Kanunnikau, a managing partner at Funciontal AI in […]
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