Data-Driven Fundraising:
Strategies for Non-Profit Success

Green Offices and
Behaviour Centred Interventions

The Self-taught Version of the Course on Leadership for Civil Society is Online Now!
Introduction to PM²
Project Management Methodology
Our e-learning hub offers civil society activists a range of products to assist their learning across eight topic areas: 1) Advocacy & Rights; 2) Civic Tech & Digital Competence; 3) Communication & Media; 4) Energy & Environment; 5) Organisation Development; 6) Participation & Policy-Making; 7) Project Development & Management; and 8)Social Entrepreneurship. Learners can search the hub via formats or by topic area. Most of the learning products are available in English only, but some have multiple language functions, and a few are limited to one local language.

Our e-learning hub benefits from contributions from many different partners, so if you have any recommendations of partner organisations who may want to contribute, please let us know. Use the ‘Contact’ page to send us details of recommendations as well as any feedback that you may have about the hub.
Welcome to the e-learning hub of the EU-funded 'Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility' project. It was created to help civil society activists to get access to e-courses and webinars on a wide range of topics. Learn more about our project at www.eapcivilsociety.eu.

How to Communicate Successfully About Your Fundraising

Anna Nishnianidze, the former Head of Communications at Zagoriy Foundation and our EaP Civil Society Fellow, leads a webinar on “How to Communicate Successfully About Your Fundraising”. In this webinar Anna presents successful and unsuccessful communications cases and techniques that engage the audience. The webinar also explores how to evaluate the effectiveness of fundraising communications. Anna […]
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Data-Driven Fundraising: Strategies for Non-Profit Success

Gathering and analyzing data is really important to understand how people donate to charities and causes, and it can help you learn why they give. By looking at the data, non-profit organizations can make plans to raise money more effectively. In this webinar the focus is on data-driven decisions and how they can enhance nonprofit […]
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Introduction to PM² Project Management Methodology

Webinar “Introduction to PM², the Project Management Methodology of the European Commission” addresses Project Management as a professional discipline that has developed a solid base of knowledge and skills that are registered under several international standards and recognised principles and good practices. The webinar introduces PM², which is the Project Management Methodology that has been […]
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Green Offices & Behaviour Centred Interventions

Green Offices & Behaviour Centred Interventions webinar addresses what it means to establish green or environmentally friendly practices at an organisational level with special focus on waste minimisation, particularly in contexts that have fragmented and improper waste management systems. The webinar also covers consumer experience and importance of gaining insight into the behaviour trends of […]
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Social Enterprise & Green Growth

Natali Kenkadze is a Social Entrepreneurship expert for CENN.  She has more than 15 years’ experience of promoting know-how about social enterprise and is the co-founder of a number of successful enterprises within the EaP region and in Indonesia. Natali provides an overview of what is understood as ‘social entrepreneurship’ and the key factors for […]
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Critical Thinking for CSOs

Critical Thinking for CSOs

In today’s information-driven world, civil society organisations face significant challenges in discerning fact from fiction and determining whom to trust. This webinar equips participants with a powerful toolkit rooted in logic, analytical philosophy, and cognitive psychology to navigate these complexities and enhance their decision-making processes. Join Eileen Wagner as she guides you through thought-provoking discussions […]
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Designing for Impact: Leveraging Human-Centered Design for Good

The webinar focused on the basics of the design thinking methodology as applied to the social change sector. It covered the process of designing a product or service for impact, including problem definition, idea validation and exploration, and logic models. Participants were able to combine classic models for civil society organisations with user-centric approaches to […]
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Effective Facilitation & Moderation: Event Preparation Phase

TRAINER/SPEAKER: Kingsley AIKINS, CEO of The Networking Institute Kingsley Aikins is a recognised international expert on Networking and has written and spoken extensively on the topic. He has run workshops and presentations for some of the world’s leading companies such as Google, Linkedin, Accenture, Deloitte, Intel, KPMG, PwC and a number of leading law firms […]
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COURSEs & Video Tutorials

Project Development in 7 Easy Steps!

TESIM, the support team assisting cross-border cooperation between organisations in countries in and around the European Union, has produced a series of video tutorials covering 7 steps for successful Project Development.  The videos were not produced for CSOs in the Eastern Partnership, however, they contain clear, generic advice that can be effectively followed by any […]
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Building a Cross-Border Cooperation Partnership

Building a Cross-Border Cooperation Partnership Video Tutorial by TESIM, Technical Support to the Implementation and Management of ENI CBC (European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross Border Cooperation) programmes. The video tutorial on ‘Partnership Development’ was developed by a support team assisting cross-border cooperation between organisations in countries in and around the European Union. Albeit not designed for […]
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The Self-taught Version of the Course on Leadership for Civil Society

We invite civil society organisations from the Eastern Partnership countries to engage with our self-taught version of the Online Course on Leadership for Civil Society Organisations, developed and delivered with our partners Office for European Expertise and Communications. Who is the course for? Civil society leaders / project leaders / programme managers / board members […]
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