The Self-taught Version of the Course on Storytelling for Civil Society is online now!
The Self-taught Version of the Course for CSOs on Sectoral Accountability in the Energy Sector is Online Now!
The Self-taught Version of the Course on Leadership for Civil Society is Online Now!
IT project management for CSOs
Nowadays online education is becoming a real alternative to traditional educational systems. We do believe that e-learning is a powerful instrument for civil society activists to improve their skills, expand their knowledge, strengthen their capacities and increase their organisations’ efficiency and impact. That’s why we are working on providing civil society representatives with targetted online courses and materials that are perfectly adapted to their needs and the situations they face in their daily work.

On our e-Learning Hub, you will find a number of online courses, webinars and video-lectures that will provide you with the tools and skills in areas as diverse as policy analysis and monitoring, project management, digital competences and web-design for CSOs. We are also offering a number of blended courses that combine online elements with face-to-face trainings to have an enhanced impact.
Technology can play a hugely important role in the reform of the role of civil society in local development and capacity development of CSOs. E-Learning has the potential to open educational opportunities to civil society actors at all levels that may not otherwise have access to such materials.

IT project management for CSOs

The course is designed for representatives of the civil society of the Eastern Partnership countries who implement social projects using information technology. The course is based on a review of more than 70 digital tools, resources on project management, design and publication of content on the Internet, organization of teamwork and effective communication with stakeholders.
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03 December 2020
Project News

Важное обновление: продлен крайний срок подачи заявок - до 28 декабря 2020г. (понедельник), до 23:00 по центральноевропейскому времени. Инновационные решения в ...

02 December 2020
Project News

Important update: deadline for applications is extended until Monday, December 28, 2020 at 23.00 (CET). Innovative ideas for civic tech ...

17 November 2020
Project News

We invite civil society organisations from the Eastern Partnership region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) to explore the energy sector and ...

30 October 2020
e-learning News

We are pleased to invite you to our next WEBINAR: Data Science for CSOs or How CSOs can use data in ...

14 October 2020
e-learning News

WHAT: Webinar for CSOs from the Eastern Partnership countries ‘Networking in the Era of Pandemic‘ by Kingsley AIKINS, CEO of The Networking Institute WHEN: Wednesday, 21 ...

10 September 2020
Project News

We are happy to announce the call for applications for our new Online Course for Civil Society Organisations on Sectoral ...

25 August 2020
Project News

We are happy to announce the call for applications for our Online Course on Leadership for Civil Society Organisations, developed ...

01 July 2020
Project News

WHAT: Webinar/Meeting “Role of Schools in the 21st Century: Before and After COVID -19” WHEN: Tuesday, 7 July 2020, at 17:00 Brussels ...

19 June 2020
Project News

As the 2020 EaP Civil Society Hackathon goes online, we re-open the Call for Applications from IT professionals and graphic ...


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