A series of webinars to guide CSOs in the Eastern Partnership on how to prepare proposals for EU funding
Strengthening Project Proposal Development
Green Offices and
Behaviour Centred Interventions

Cybersecurity for Civil society
Introduction to PM²
Project Management Methodology
Our e-learning hub offers civil society activists a range of products to assist their learning across eight topic areas: 1) Advocacy & Rights; 2) Civic Tech & Digital Competence; 3) Communication & Media; 4) Energy & Environment; 5) Organisation Development; 6) Participation & Policy-Making; 7) Project Development & Management; and 8)Social Entrepreneurship. Learners can search the hub via formats or by topic area. Most of the learning products are available in English only, but some have multiple language functions, and a few are limited to one local language.

Our e-learning hub benefits from contributions from many different partners, so if you have any recommendations of partner organisations who may want to contribute, please let us know. Use the ‘Contact’ page to send us details of recommendations as well as any feedback that you may have about the hub.
Welcome to the e-learning hub of the EU-funded 'Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility' project. It was created to help civil society activists to get access to e-courses and webinars on a wide range of topics. Learn more about our project at www.eapcivilsociety.eu.

Stress Management for CSOs

Explore our latest video series designed to enhance the well-being and effectiveness of community volunteers and CSO workers. “Stress and Healthy Lifestyles” offers practical tips for stress reduction and healthy living from a team with over 40 years of experience. “An Introduction to Psychological First Aid (PFA)” equips first responders with the skills to manage […]
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Strengthening Project Proposal Development

If you’re an activist or representative of a civil society organisation in one of the Eastern Partnership countries who would like to strengthen your skills for Project Proposal Development, we have the perfect online mini-training series for you.  Four webinars, one hour each, dedicated to helping you navigate your way to drafting a project proposal […]
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Dedicated Platforms for Charity Fundraising

Discover how to take advantage of Google’s support for non-profits and how to run Google Ads campaigns in this insightful webinar. Yury Kukhalski, CEO of Fandy and an expert in digital marketing, will introduce Fandy.me, a dedicated platform he created to assist CSOs with online fundraising. Learn from Yury’s experience in successfully launching a fundraising […]
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Digital Marketing Tools for CSO Campaigns

The webinar featuring digital marketing expert and startup founder, Yury Kukhalski, an EaP Civil Society Fellow. Yury guides you through the various digital marketing tools available for non-profits, providing user-friendly guides on how to use them effectively. Learn how analytics can enhance your fundraising efforts and get practical tips on running effective Facebook Ads campaigns. […]
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Energy Poverty

Access to energy is fundamental to improving quality of life and is a key imperative for economic and social development. However, energy poverty is rife in developing countries and increasingly a pressure point for households in the countries of the Eastern Partnership.  It is vital that governments, business and civil society better understand the dynamics of energy poverty […]
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Inclusive Practices

Inclusion comprehends people’s involvement and empowerment. When people are included, their worth is recognized and respected.  It increases innovation and creativity.  Yet in many aspects of community life, we fail to facilitate inclusivity. In Ukraine and in Georgia EaP Civil Society Fellows have been documenting and promoting practices that support more inclusivity in cultural institutions, artistic events, […]
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Data Detox Webinar

Data Detox with Varoon Bashyakarla

Are you and/or your organisation in an unhealthy relationship with your data?! Maybe that’s a question you’ve been meaning to answer for a long time, but didn’t quite know how. Or maybe you’re getting increasingly concerned about high profile data breaches, creepy ads following you around the internet, or simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume […]
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Unlocking Creative Communications: a Journey from Creative Brief to Ideas and Executions

Planning a communication campaign? Discover the importance of a well-crafted creative brief, gain insights into powerful storytelling, and learn how to make your solution stand out. Lisa Glonti, Creative Consultant and Art Director at BBDO Germany, will guide you through creative strategy, share practical examples, and explore translating campaign objectives into compelling executions.  
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COURSEs & Video Tutorials

Project Development in 7 Easy Steps!

TESIM, the support team assisting cross-border cooperation between organisations in countries in and around the European Union, has produced a series of video tutorials covering 7 steps for successful Project Development.  The videos were not produced for CSOs in the Eastern Partnership, however, they contain clear, generic advice that can be effectively followed by any […]
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Building a Cross-Border Cooperation Partnership

Building a Cross-Border Cooperation Partnership Video Tutorial by TESIM, Technical Support to the Implementation and Management of ENI CBC (European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross Border Cooperation) programmes. The video tutorial on ‘Partnership Development’ was developed by a support team assisting cross-border cooperation between organisations in countries in and around the European Union. Albeit not designed for […]
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EU International Partnerships Academy
The online EU International Partnerships Academy provides free access to 26 different learning topics, ranging from agriculture, budget support, disability, fragility, food security, trade and gender. 


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