A short webinar on finding out and learning about what is in fact social impact, what does it mean, how it can be innovated and how it can be analysed, managed, and measured. We will explore the meaning and constructions of buzz words in impact change, and the shift from social innovation to social impact and continue on to what tools are available for measuring social impact and exploring the community that is striving to bring all those measuring tools together and unify them. We will have a short look at the difference between ROI (return on investment) and SROI (social return on investment) from a position of business and examples that participants will bring forward on who they consider their social entrepreneurship hero and why. The webinar will finish up with a discussion on what matters to you, where you would like to generate social impact and how you are planning on doing it.

Speaker/Host: Tamara PUHOVSKI (Croatia)

Tamara is the founder of social enterprises ProPuh and Impact House as well as RoUm, led by a passion for social impact hacking and 20 year experience in innovating, managing and measuring positive social impact across all sectors. Tamara has worked with and in international institutions (UNDP), European institutions (EU Parliament) as well as the national government as an adviser to the Deputy Foreign Minister heading the Open Government Partnership and leading in open, innovative and impact policy revolution. Tamara has worked with large corporates in developing core business through the perspective of social impact as well as numerous start-ups as a mentor in the field of social entrepreneurship, innovation and impact. She has worked as a researcher and a professor at the university and has worked and continues to volunteer in several NGOs as project manager, trainer and community manager working with youth, Roma, migrants, women and other communities. Tamara was selected by the European Commission as 30 best social innovators in Europe.

Introduction to social entrepreneurship,(PDF)



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