Circular Economy: One of the Solutions to the Current Climate and Environmental Crises?

We live in a world where only 9% of all the resources put into the economy get reused. Circular economy is the economic system where instead of a classical linear approach (take – make – throw away), we create a closed-loop system which is aimed at consuming resources smartly and creating less waste. In a circular economy products should be designed to last and when needed, easily disassembled, renewed or transformed. All the products, components and materials should be constantly circulating and used as efficiently as possible. And in this way, the circular model builds economic, natural, and social capital. During the webinar we will talk about the “circular economy” concept and we will reflect on whether a circular economy can be one of the solutions to the current climate and environmental crises.


  • The “circular economy” concept.
  • Main theory / the principles of a circular economy.
  • Circular economy in practice.
  • Is circular economy one of the solutions to the current climate and environmental crises?


  • Anna Ackerman is a climate and energy policy expert and a board member of the Centre for Environmental Initiatives “Ecoaction”. She is an experienced professional in the field of energy and environment with 5+ years of experience in the NGO sector, energy design and research sectors in Eastern and Central Europe. Her main areas of expertise include energy efficiency in buildings, renewable energy, climate change and policy advocacy.

The webinar “Circular economy: one of the solutions to the current climate and environmental crises?” is organised as part of our online course on Sectoral Accountability for CSOs in the Energy Sector, developed and delivered with our partners Kyiv School of Energy Policy and DiXi Group.

Download presentation (pdf, 7,0 МB)

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