In today’s information-driven world, civil society organisations face significant challenges in discerning fact from fiction and determining whom to trust. This webinar equips participants with a powerful toolkit rooted in logic, analytical philosophy, and cognitive psychology to navigate these complexities and enhance their decision-making processes.

Join Eileen Wagner as she guides you through thought-provoking discussions that address essential questions:

  1. What is fact and what is fiction?
  2. Whom can we trust?
  3. How might our view of the world be right or wrong?

Through practical examples and exercises, participants learn to:

  • Avoid logical fallacies
  • Recognize and challenge personal biases
  • Challenge assumptions

The insights and strategies shared in this webinar recording are applicable across various CSO contexts. Discover how to:

  • Design program activities using logical models to maximize impact
  • Establish monitoring and accountability structures to challenge power imbalances with governments and corporations
  • Foster collaboration among different CSOs on issues of shared interest

This webinar will help you to enhance your critical thinking skills, witness concrete methods that can increase social impact, and gain inspiration from the CSO-relevant contexts discussed.

 Speaker: Eileen Wagner

Eileen is currently Programme Director at Simply Secure, a design non-profit working on the usability of public interest technology. She advises teams and organizations on UX design, leads research and user testing, and produces open resources for the community. In 2019, she founded Decentralization Off The Shelf – an initiative aiming to make UX design more uniform across the decentralization space, and to ease the adoption of P2P protocols for application developers.

Prior to Simply Secure, Eileen campaigned for open data and civic tech at the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany. There she helped establish the first public funding programme for open source projects in Germany, the Prototype Fund. Her background is in analytic philosophy and mathematical logic.



Download presentation (pdf, 4,0 МB)


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