Increasing the digital capacity of CSOs: webinar recordings

A series of webinars were designed within the EaP Civil Society Fellowship Programme 2019. The series of webinars were designed to cover the most relevant topics of digital tools, which would be interesting to the Ukrainian CSO managers. The webinars covered topics like cybersecurity, cloud services, instruments for data visualization, tools for project management, how […]
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A series of webinars for the EU Grantees

A series of webinars for the EU Grantees (CSOs implementing EU-funded projects) that cover a range of  issues such as: better reporting for the EU;  financial / contractual aspects in EU grant management; media relations and public outreach; new media technologies for organizational management; monitoring and evaluation of public policies; participation in legislative processes; advocacy, fundraising […]
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A series of webinars for the participants of our 2019 EaP Civil Society Hackathon and the Blended Course “Digital Competences for CSOs”

These webinars cover a wide range of topics from digital communications to development of chatbots and will be interesting for all civil society activists: Working with Tech Partners by Tin Gerber, Consultant on Civic Tech, Social Innovation Specialist at Hivos  (available in English with Russian translation) Making a portrait of your user by Yuliya Khlashchankova, External Communications and Project Management Consultant, […]
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