e-Learning Africa

Elearning Africa is an international conference on ICT for development, education and training.

It is the Continent’s largest gathering of high-level policy makers, decision makers and practitioners from education.

It will explore creative ways in which eLearning can support development and help to build a sustainable future.

eLearning Africa explores creative ways in which eLearning can support development and help to build a sustainable future. eLA focuses on sustainable technologies and infrastructure; eLearning for sustainable communities; sustainable change management; eLearning and sustainable resources; and sustainable economy, culture and society.

eLA is a must for anyone involved in or wanting to find out more about ICT for development, education and training in Africa. As the largest gathering of eLearning and ICT-supported education and training professionals in Africa, participants are able to develop multinational and cross-industry contacts and enhance their knowledge, expertise and abilities.

The conference is held in English, French and Portuguese. It includes plenary sessions with world-class experts, presentation and special focus sessions, practical demonstrations, discussions and debates on specific topics, as well as various informal networking opportunities where participants can share their experiences, ideas, new information and perspectives.

The conference is accompanied by an exhibition anddemonstration area, where exhibitors can showcase their latest products and services and hold meetings with important decision-makers within the African education and training community.

Event location: Kigali, Rwanda

Twitter: @eLAconference

Source: Learning News


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