The Best 20 Learning Management Systems Offering LMS Free Trials

Need help choosing a Learning Management System for your company? It’s always best to try before you buy! Test driving a Learning Management System gives you the ability to see if the features and functions are worth the investment. In this article, I’ll share 9 tips to help you make the most out of your LMS free trial and I’ll highlight the Best 20 LMS Vendors offering LMS free trials so that you can evaluate your options and invest wisely.

9 Tips To Get The Most Out Of LMS Free Trials

They say the best things in life are free, but only if you know how to take full advantage of the opportunity. For example, trying out a new Learning Management System can help you determine if the tool suits your needs and offers a significant ROI. But you need to know what to look for in order to the get the most out of your Learning Management System free trial. Here are 9 top tips to focus on what’s really important while you’re putting the LMS platform through its paces.

1. Get Your L&D Team Onboard

If you aren’t the only one who will use the LMS, it’s wise to get your L&D team involved in the selection process. That includes the LMS free trial. Meet with your team to gauge their expectations and figure out which features they require. This is also a good time to get their recommendations regarding tools they’ve used in the past, as well as to discuss what you hope to achieve during the LMS free trial period. For example, to test out the functionality of the User Interface and see if it meshes with your team’s experience levels and skill sets.

2. Determine Which Features And Functions Support Your Desired Outcomes

Most LMSs have certain features in common. For instance, a majority offer some degree of reporting and analytics so that you can track learner performance. However, you still need to create a list of must-have features and functions that align with your desired outcomes. This involves carefully evaluating your goals so that you can create your LMS free trial criteria. In other words, the bare necessities that your new platform must have in order to warrant the investment. From there, you can also create a list of “wants”, which includes features you’d prefer to have if they fit your budget and don’t strike out other crucial functions.

3. Add Real Data To The Equation

Now that you’ve plotted a course of action, it’s time to dive into the LMS free trial and add some real data to the mix. Upload online training content and user data to see how the tool holds up. Is it difficult to integrate your existing data due to compatibility issues? Are you able to assign user roles with ease, or is it a time-consuming process? This is also a great opportunity to test out the User Interface and determine if it’s user-friendly for your team.

4. Test Out The Customization Features

Incorporate your branding elements and customize the dashboards to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Take the opportunity to evaluate the personalization features, as well. For instance, the individualized online training paths that the LMS allows you to create for every member of your organization. You can also verify that the color scheme, fonts, and other design elements are easy to modify.

5. Try Out The System’s Support Services

Some LMS vendors provide 24/7 customer support at no extra charge while others limit their basic support packages to an online FAQ and user forum. Thus, it’s important to evaluate the support services firsthand to verify that they meet your needs. For instance, your L&D team might have less experience, in which case they require more one-on-one assistance. Even if the LMS vendor charges extra for toll-free phone support, it’s worth it in order to boost the functionality of the Learning Management System.

6. Develop A Sample Project

Develop and deploy a small-scale project that allows you to try out the essential features. Preferably, aspects of the LMS that you will use to design a bulk of your online training content. In fact, you may want to push the LMS platform to its limits to gauge how it handles more extreme tasks. For instance, create a fully interactive branching scenario and complementary module. Then track the results via customizable reports to see how the analytics stack up.

7. Schedule A “Trial Recap” Meeting With The Key Players

Just before the LMS free trial comes to a close, set up a recap meeting with your L&D team to get their input. This also gives you a bit more time to clarify confusions that still exist. For example, your graphic designer is still unsure about the online asset library or the built-in branching scenario templates. As such, you can collectively evaluate that aspect of the LMS to determine if it’s up to par. This meeting can help you prepare for the upcoming meeting with the LMS vendor, as well.

8. Invite Real Users To Test Drive The Tool

Invite a select group of corporate learners to access the sample content and provide their feedback. This gives you the chance to see how the LMS operates on the front end instead of just analyzing how it functions in the L&D department. You can use surveys, questionnaires, focus group discussions, or interviews to collect user data.

9. Follow Up With The LMS Vendor

There may be some questions left unanswered after you’ve explored the LMS platform and tested out the features. Which is why it’s wise to schedule a follow-up meeting with the LMS vendor to discuss pricing, additional services, and any other concerns you have. For example, you need to know if there are any ongoing fees you need to consider for support services or upgrades.

These 9 tips can help you explore all the features your LMS contenders have to offer, as well as determine if it’s a good fit for your organizational objectives. Just remember, even if it is love at first sight, you should still vet the LMS vendor and research all your options. That way you avoid buyer’s remorse and ensure that you get the best LMS for the value.

The Best Learning Management System Vendors Offering LMS Free Trials

If you feel that it’s time to buy a new LMS, you should not rush into a decision unless you first take advantage of LMS free trials. Most LMS vendors give you the opportunity to test drive the tool before signing on the dotted line. Rather than spending a fortune on a Learning Management System that may not suit your needs, you’re able to download LMS free trials to gain first-hand experience. For example, explore all the functionalities your Best LMS contenders offer. Although the evaluation period may take time, it is definitely worth it, as the risk of investing in the wrong LMS is minimized. If you are searching the web to find LMS free trials to download, we have done the hard work for you. Here is a list of the Best 20 LMS Vendors offering LMS free trials you may want to consider.

1. Adobe Captivate Prime

You have to be a member and have an Adobe ID to take advantage of their free trial. However, you probably won’t think twice about filling in your name, email, and birth date to test out this robust platform during their 30-day LMS free trial period. Adobe features a single-page architecture User Interface that’s intuitive and lessens the LMS learning curve. They consider their LMS belonging to the next generation, personalizing eLearning experiences and delivering multiplatform-friendly eLearning content to modern learners. It can handle everything from gamification and offline access to multi-language support and skill-based learning paths.

Read Adobe Captivate Prime reviews and discover how other eLearning Industry community members have experienced the software.

2. Docebo

Docebo’s Learning Management System is easy to use, suitable for both formal and informal learning. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial or take it a step further by scheduling a personalized demo. All you need to do to get started is provide your business email and then select a password and URL. You will find that Docebo suits formats like SCORM, AICC, and xAPI among others, turning management and distribution into simple tasks. Another standout feature of Docebo is that it supports social learning and facilitates knowledge sharing within your organization. Online learners even have the ability to upload user-generated content and reach out to in-house experts.

Check Docebo LMS’s customer reviews!

3. Northpass

Formally known as SchoolKeep, Northpass provides a free 14-day trial in exchange for some basic information such as your name, company email, phone, and annual LMS budget. Northpass allows you to take your online training global with ease and integrate eCommerce features. You can also fully brand your online training content and customize your domain, as well as create online training courses with its intuitive drag-and-drop User Interface.

Read what other members in the eLearning Industry community say about Northpass LMS.

4. TalentLMS

All that TalentLMS requires is your name and email, plus choosing a domain name, username, and password to sign up for their LMS free trial. After creating an account, the LMS vendor will let you know how long you have to test drive their mobile-friendly, cloud-based LMS platform, which is trusted by 60,000+ organizations.

Check other eLearning Industry community members’ reviews about Talent LMS here.

5. Litmos LMS

Are you looking for a manageable, cloud-based system that offers a risk-free test drive? If so, simply input your name, email, phone, company’s name, and a URL to put Litmos LMS through the paces for 14 days. This LMS platform is constructed with a easily scalable and secure logic, ensuring the safety of your sensitive data. It boasts more than 4 million users and can handle anywhere from 150 to millions of online learners, which makes it the ideal choice for SMBs and multinational organizations alike.

You can read reviews on the above features and the whole experience of using Litmos LMS, here.

6. Administrate LMS

A simple four-step account setup, that involves filling in an email, phone, company’s name, and site, unlocks Administrate LMS’s free trial. Once again, this LMS vendor will let you know the specifics after you sign up. However, the minimum trial duration is ten days, in which you will learn how you can configure it to your standards and test drive its robust reporting tools. You can also request a personalized demo if you have more questions or concerns you’d like to address.

Wondering how others are experiencing the software? Read Administrate reviews here.

7. GnosisConnect

Get an inside look at what GnossisConnect has to offer by sharing your company’s name, your name, phone number, and email address. No need to provide any credit card info. You have 30 days to try out this feature-rich LMS platform, complete with certification support, intuitive assessment engines, and a fully customizable layout.

Check the latest reviews about GnosisConnect!

8. iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn has a 14-day free trial in exchange for your corporate email. Which is quite a deal, as it grants you access to all features of the paid version. This device-friendly LMS solution specializes in detailed statistical tracking, activity management, and advanced reporting. It also enables your online learners to learn offline and complete assessments to test their comprehension when they reconnect.

For reviews on iSpring Learn, check here.

9. LearnUpon LMS

Quick and easy, with loads of powerful features and committed support, LearnUpon LMS offers a free 30-day trial. This LMS platform is designed to be scalable and device-friendly in order to engage online learners more effectively. Free trials are available for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold edition.

Check LearnUpon reviews and discover how other eLearning Industry community members have experienced the software.

10. eLeap LMS

Provide your email, organization, your name, phone, and create a password to set up an account to try eLeap LMS. This web-based LMS offers on-the-go access, online training path management, and eCommerce integration, among others.

This is where you can find reviews for eLeap LMS.

11. My Learning Hub

Your email, phone number, and the sector your company takes action in are what this LMS vendor asks to get you started on a 30-day LMS free trial. This gives you the opportunity to try either the Basic or the Business version that My Learning Hub offers. You’ll find an abundance of valuable features, such as Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, in a constantly evolving system that closely monitors eLearning trends and technologies. You also have the option to pay monthly or annually based on your budgeting requirements.

For a broader image of My Learning Hub LMS, check reviews here.

12. UpsideLMS

Upside LMS asks for your domain name, your phone, email, and name to sign up for their free 14-day trial. It functions as a cloud-based, SaaS LMS, which provides free 24/7 technical support. It has 1,000,000+ users and features an AES secured API library that makes third-party app integration a breeze.

If you are interested in what other eLearning Industry community members have to say about UpsideLMS, read the reviews here.

13. ScholarLMS

The 30-day LMS free trial by ScholarLMS does require your credit card and other basic info, which unlocks the premium features. You can cancel online at any time, and they will send you a warning email 3 days before your first payment is due. Some of the standout features include unlimited online learners, daily backup, advanced SSL security, and eCommerce integration.

This is where you can look up for reviews on ScholarLMS.

14. G-Cube LMS

Wizdom LMS does things a bit differently. They customize LMS free trials just for you, depending on your organization’s size and requirements. Free of charge, no strings attached. You can rest assured that this LMS is compliant with SCORM and Tin Can, and that their cloud-based platform is easy to use. They even offer complete packages that feature built-in admins, mentors, and out-of-the-box eLearning courses.

Here you can read eLearning Industry community members’ reviews about G-Cube LMS.

15. eCoach

Not only does eCoach have a free version (Investigate), it also offers an LMS free trial on their Starter, Growth, and Scale editions. This is initiated by signing up for a free account, which gives you the chance to try out their live chat support, built-in course creator, and free eLearning course templates, in addition to their other notable features such as custom branding, learning outcome mapping, and eCoach API access with their more advanced packages.

Read what other members in the eLearning Industry community say about eCoach.

16. Matrix LMS

Matrix LMS puts gamification center stage. Their 14-day free trial will give you the chance to experience all the features for yourself by simply providing your company name and contact info. Then create a URL, user ID, and password to complete the process. The platform supports instructor-led and self-paced eLearning courses, as well as blended learning. Other standout features include content authoring, personal learning paths, graphical dashboards, and unlimited storage. You can also opt for a free tour to test the waters.

Read what MATRIX LMS customers are saying.

17. 360 Learning

Quick, light, interactive, and customizable, 360 Learning isn’t lacking in features. You can confirm this by creating an account and signing up for an LMS free trial. No credit card required. 360 Learning promotes blended learning and gives you the ability to provide personalized certifications. It supports everything from blended learning and built-in course catalogs to real-time tracking that supplies you with the Big Data you need.

For more help on deciding about 360 Learning, read the reviews of eLearning Industry community members.

18. Joomla LMS

Joomla LMS requests some basic info, which includes the number of online learners you will be engaging in your industry to access their 30-day free trial. You must also choose a domain name and provide some information about your needs and your LMS implementation goal. Joomla LMS supports multiple languages and a front page you customize to suit your needs. It also features a built-in course builder which allows you to preview the eLearning course design and step inside the shoes of your online learners.

For more insight on Joomla LMS, check the reviews by eLearning Industry community members.

19. WizIQ

WizIQ’s 30-day free trial for their premium plan gives you full access to all of its features, which enable you to manage a great number of self-paced tests and eLearning courses. You can deliver, record, and upload courses. The capacity of 1 GB data storage is quite generous as well. Last but not least, WizIQ offers a diverse assessment engine so that you can cater to different learning preferences.

For a more comprehensive look, you can find reviews on WIzIQ here.

20. Teachlr Organizations

Contact details, company name, the language of the eLearning course, and a sub-domain name are all you need to try Teachlr LMS for 15 days. Their approach is unique, in that you are encouraged to set a goal and create your own learning center. This allows you to test out the features with specific criteria and design objectives in mind. The LMS is multiplatform-friendly and features a variety of subscription plans to suit your individual needs.

Reviews on Teachlr Organizations can be found here.

To wrap it up, choosing and making good use of LMS free trials can be a daunting task. There is a number of things to consider in a short span of time. However, planning ahead gives you the power to simplify the LMS selection and implementation process. Not to mention, avoid costly trial-and-error by choosing the right tool from the start. For more options go to eLearning Industry’s LMS directory of 128 Learning Management Systems that offer Free Trials.

Start planning for the deployment of your new Learning Management System right now. Click on Get A Learning Management System Quote Tailored To Your Needs In Less Than 3′ to start the process of identifying the Best 5 LMS vendors that better match your organizational needs. It will only take less than 3 minutes of your time! Then, sit down with your L&D team and organize all the aspects of your LMS free trials to find the tool that meets your requirements.

By Christopher Pappas

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