Invitation to the Webinar “Online meetings and live streaming / Webinar #3 in the Embracing Remote Work for CSOs series”

Smooth communication is one of the key conditions for efficient work and functioning of organisations, be it traditional office-placed or increasingly popular remote teams. And while more and more teams had been conducting their meetings online even before the current crisis, today we are left with no other choice but to get everyone online to decide on our future activities, report on the completed projects or train our staff.

Our third webinar in the Embracing Remote Work for CSOs series to be held on 8 May will be dedicated to the digital solutions for online conferencing and live streaming. Together we will compare online meetings and webinars (there is a difference), make sense of confusing terminology, see in action three solutions that were not covered during our Webinar #1 (Jitsi, Zoom and WebEx), and try to go live with a part of our webinar. As always, we will conclude with suggestions and recommendations for organising online meetings and webinars, using our own 3+ years of experience in delivering them.

What: Online Meetings and Live Streaming / Webinar #3 in the Embracing Remote Work for CSOs series

When: 8 May at 12:00 Brussels time (in English) and 8 May at 13:30 Brussels time (in Russian)

Deadline for registration: 7 May 17:00 Brussels time. To register, send an email to Helpdesk at:  [email protected]

If you missed our previous webinars on 10 April and 24 April, we highly recommend you watch the recording and go over the materials:


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