Learntech trends: Dani Johnson on AI and data in learning

Dani Johnson talks about what’s hot in learning technology and the huge changes that AI will bring to learning.

Learning News interviewed learntech researcher Dani Johnson at Learning Technologies 2019 following her conference session ‘What’s hot and what’s not in 2019’, with fellow learntech commentators David Kelly and Steve Wheeler.

Dani talks about a revolution in learning taking place, driven by advances in AI and big data and how technology is helping organisations to embed learning in the flow of work.

She cites how AI and data is now able to provide learners with automated performance-related feedback, continually as they work, as an important learntech trend that she is seeing.

Talking about the effects of AI on the learning sector Dani has an optimistic message based on ‘giving the robots back their jobs’, where AI is used to provide the automated, mundane tasks and that people instead focus on their more ‘human’ chatacteristics to advance their companies and society. Dani explains this can be helped by L&D moving beyond it’s tradition of providing courses and content and instead focusing on creating the conditions that are conducive to learning.

Watch Dani Johnson’s interview here on Learning News and check out all of the Learning News interviews from Learning Technologies 2019.

Source: learningnews


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