Ideathon 2019. Making a portrait of your user


External Communications and Project Management Consultant, Belarus

Trained journalists and media manager, Yulia can easily easily add human rights elements to any online project, without frightening potential users off. Recently, she produced and managed two special projects, the Pension Service Trap that visually and in layman’s terms explains the consequences of the pension system reform to the millions of Belarusians, and the Police as Service visualization of the findings of the independent monitoring of the police offices in Belarus. , где были визуализированы данные независимого мониторинга отделений милиции в Беларуси. Her project The Universal Periodic Review for Belarus was among the pioneers in using interactive infographics for needs of civil society in Belarus, like the Non-Death Execution was one of the first human rights animations in Belarus.

User portrait (PPTX) User portrait (DOCX) User Life Stages (PDF)



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