A series of webinars were designed within the EaP Civil Society Fellowship Programme 2019.

The series of webinars were designed to cover the most relevant topics of digital tools, which would be interesting to the Ukrainian CSO managers.

The webinars covered topics like cybersecurity, cloud services, instruments for data visualization, tools for project management, how to access donations and cloud services for CSOs.

The recordings include the discussion of theoretical material and the analysis of practical cases of using IT tools for increasing civil society organizations’ capacity.

Training videos aim to help CSO managers in becoming more efficient and increase the quality of services they provide to their constituency.

A series of webinars were designed by Maksym Mazypchuk within the EaP Civil Society Fellowship Programme 2019 and in cooperation with the Technology Assistance Program for Ukrainian Non-Profit Organizations (TechSoup Ukraine) implemented by GURT Resource Center. Maksym is a project coordinator in the civil society sector. His fellowship in 2019 was about increasing the digital capacity of Ukrainian civil society organizations and creating an innovative series of webinars. Maksym has 3 years of experience in communications and project coordination. His professional interests include non-formal education, digital and media literacy, aninformation management.

Webinar «How CSOs can mitigate the cyber-security risks»
During the webinar, participants learned how to create reliable passwords; how to reduce cyber-security risks, how to install basic settings for computer and smartphone accounts.

Webinar  «How not to lose important data. Do back ups properly»
Do you not know how to do a backup? Watch and learn why and how to do backups

Webinar  «Office 365 for NGOs: Who needs it and which problems it solves»
Watch and learn how NGOs can use Office 365 for project management needs.

Webinar  «Working together in Office 365: how to collaborate effectively»
Watch a webinar session that covers Office 365 collaboration tools. Learn how to work effectively in a team.

Webinar «Tools for data visualization: how NGOs can present project results qualitatively»
The webinar covered the following issues: what software is used to create infographics, the most common mistakes, and tricks for avoiding them.

Webinar «IT tools for project management»
The webinar covers using a variety of IT-tools for successful project management

Webinar «Facebook as a tool for effective communication for CSOs»
Learn how CSOs can use Facebook for promoting their activity and engaging more supporters.


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