Extended Deadline for the Call for Proposals to Develop and Deliver the Blended Course on Sectoral Accountability for Civil Society Organisations (Energy Sector)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Deadline for submission of proposals is extended until Friday, January 31, 2020 (12.00 CET).

We are looking for experienced organisations to develop and deliver a Blended Course on Sectoral Accountability for Civil Society Organisations (Energy Sector) – download ToR in pdf 

This blended course is commissioned within the framework of our EU funded project Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility – Regional Actions being implemented by the consortium led by GDSI Limited.

The overall objective of the blended course on sectoral accountability for civil society organisations is to improve the capacity of civil society organisations and representatives to meaningfully engage in sectoral issues of significance for the overall level of wellbeing in society. The sector which will be addressed by this course will be the energy sector.

The course is meant to improve CSOs’ understanding of how the energy sector works, the sectoral decision-making processes and funding, energy policies and relevant international commitments, as well as allow them to identify ‘entry points’ for lobbying and advocacy and make them aware of the consultations and complaint mechanisms of relevant bodies.

Interested organisations should have the following professional experiencecurriculum development, course development, development of e-learning modules / courses. The organisations should have relevant experience in the EU or Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) and have proven work experience with private sector, government agencies and CSOs.


DEADLINE EXTENDED: January 31, 2020

Countries to be covered: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine

Languages: English, Russian

Expected starting date: February, 2020

Clarifications: Interested organisations can request clarifications on this assignment by writing to welcome(at)EaPCivilSociety.eu up to 28 January, 2020 before 12:00 CET.

Instructions to tenderers is in the attached ToR (download file in pdf): 


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