Adapt-an-App Eastern Partnership Sprint: Call for Applications

Important update: deadline for applications is extended until Monday, December 28, 2020 at 23.00 (CET).

Innovative ideas for civic tech solutions are awaiting new challenges! Are you the one to help them grow and bring them to your community? Then this Call for Applications is for you!

We are launching this Call for Applications for our Adapt-an-App Eastern Partnership Sprint and are offering CSOs and activist groups from EaP countries the chance to get up to 7,000 EUR for adapting and launching one of the selected digital solutions developed during our previous hackathons for civil society (please see the list of proposed solutions below).

New deadline for applications: Monday, December 28, 2020 at 23.00 (CET).

What is the Adapt-an-App EaP Sprint?

It is a 4-week intense online development sprint to be held in January-February 2021 where teams of civil society representatives and IT experts will work to adjust to their needs and launch selected digital solutions born within our Hackathons. The teams will be supported by mentors and by the authors of the original digital solutions. Up to 6 organisations / groups (applicants) will be selected to participate in the Adapt-an-App EaP Sprint.

What does “replication” mean?

In 2017-2020 our Project organised a series of EaP Civil Society Hackathons where civil society activists, IT professionals and designers from six EaP countries prototyped 58 digital solutions addressing a variety of topics. Six of those solutions are now available for replication.

The replication of a digital solution refers to the adaptation and localisation of a previously developed digital solution to a new environment and context, such as a new geographical area, target audience, new issues to be addressed, legislative framework, etc. You can choose that solution which is relevant for your cause and the context you work in.

Which solutions can be replicated?

The Serebranka participatory platform enabling public participation in the design and transformation of public spaces in a Minsk district, Belarus.


The Doika online module enabling civil society organisations  in Belarus to raise donations for any needs directly on their websites.

The Provodnik interactive map for citizens to evaluate the accessibility of public spaces in cities of Ukraine, and informing relevant public authorities on their noncompliance with the accessibility norms though automatic requests.

The Market Research Tool platform for comparing sale prices of individual items throughout all pubic tenders in Ukraine since 2016.

Donor online

The Donor Online platform advancing volunteer blood donations in Transnistria, Moldova, and enabling a safe search for blood donors in emergency situations (to be launched in January 2021). The presentation of the solution is available here and here

The SaveUs crowdfunding platform for volunteers helping stray animals, animal shelters and animal right defenders in Belarus (to be launched in January 2021, working prototype available here.)

Who can participate?

Participation in the Adapt-an-App EaP Sprint is open to civil society organisations (CSOs) and activist groups from the Eastern Partnership countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Note that applications are accepted from teams only. Teams need to have sufficient technical expertise to replicate the chosen solution. Replication works can be done by the applying organisation/group by engaging additional IT experts, or by fully outsourcing to an IT company/studio.

There are four sets of eligibility criteria relating to:

  • the digital solutions
  • the applicants – CSO and activists group
  • the implementing team
  • the costs.

Please check all the details and eligibility criteria in the Replication Sprint Guidelines.

If you need assistance with identifying members for your implementing team, please contact the Project Team at [email protected].

Up to 6 organisations / groups (applicants) will be selected to participate in the Adapt-an-App EaP Sprint. They will get access to the source code of the chosen digital solution and technical and financial support in replicating, testing and promoting it.

Each of the selected solutions can receive up to EUR 7,000 to cover the design and development costs, as well as some additional costs related to the maintenance (hosting, domain name, databases access, etc.) of the replicated solution.

What should you expect at the Adapt-an-App EaP Sprint?

Participants will work online in teams with the authors of the original solutions and mentors to replicate the chosen digital solution and launch it before the 1st of March 2021.

The Adapt-an-App EaP Sprint will take place on 1-28 February 2021. During these four weeks you should expect the following online activities:

  •  introduction meeting for Sprint participants;
  • online meetings of the teams – the take-up team, the author of the chosen solution and the team’s mentor;
  • remote work of the teams on Slack;
  • capacity building webinars;
  • user acceptance test by an independent service provider;
  • launch of the newly developed solutions by the 1st of March;
  • online presentation of the newly developed and launched solutions.

Check out our infographics below to see the whole process:

How to apply?

To apply for participation in the Adapt-an-App EaP Sprint you need to:

  1. Check the eligibility criteria (Replication Sprint Guidelines);
  2. Choose one of the 6 digital solutions proposed for replication above;
  3. Analyse the chosen solution;
  4. Fill in the online application form and submit it before 23.00 (CET) on Monday, December 28, 2020.

You can apply in English or Russian.

The applicants will have to demonstrate:

  • the relevance of the chosen solution to the needs of their society / community;
  • their approach and needs in adapting the solution;
  • the team’s capacity to implement the action until the 1st of March and within the budget available ;
  • a clear promotion strategy and realistic efforts to ensure the sustainability of the replicated solution;
  • and a realistic budget for the replication.

Please check all the details and eligibility criteria in the Replication Sprint Guidelines. The Application Form template is included in the Replication Sprint Guidelines for your information only. You can download the Replication Budget template here.

Still have questions?

Contact us by e-mail before 24 December at [email protected].


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