Storytelling and Civil Society: Part 2 (in Russian)

During the webinars we focused on the key features and peculiarities of storytelling for civil society organisations, presented some successful examples and stories from CSOs, and discussed the typical mistakes that CSOs tend to make in their stories.

The webinar is available in RUSSIAN ONLY.


Irina LEU, editor, copywriter, creator from Minsk, Belarus.

Irina has nine years of experience working with stories and text, creating advertising ideas, and slogans. She spent the past three years developing educational mobile apps and chatbots as an UX-writer. Now she regularly works as trainer for NGOs on how to better present their work, how to say what they really want to say, and finally — how to create empowering stories that captivate and touch.


Download presentation (pdf, 2,0 МB)


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