Webinar “Introduction to PM², the Project Management Methodology of the European Commission” addresses Project Management as a professional discipline that has developed a solid base of knowledge and skills that are registered under several international standards and recognised principles and good practices.

The webinar introduces PM², which is the Project Management Methodology that has been developed by the European Commission to provide a common Project Management framework across Europe and incorporates elements from such international standards. EU-funded grant projects are managed by Civil Society Organizations following the Project Cycle Management (PCM) approach with a strong focus on the Logical Framework Approach. PM² can complement these approaches and provide project managers and teams with additional elements to improve their performance and the impact of their projects.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • What are the priorities in Project Management?
  • How are they addressed in EU-funded grant projects?
  • What is PM²?
  • How can it help Civil Society Organizations?


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