Energy Poverty

Access to energy is fundamental to improving quality of life and is a key imperative for economic and social development. However, energy poverty is rife in developing countries and increasingly a pressure point for households in the countries of the Eastern Partnership.  It is vital that governments, business and civil society better understand the dynamics of energy poverty […]
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Inclusive Practices

Inclusion comprehends people’s involvement and empowerment. When people are included, their worth is recognized and respected.  It increases innovation and creativity.  Yet in many aspects of community life, we fail to facilitate inclusivity. In Ukraine and in Georgia EaP Civil Society Fellows have been documenting and promoting practices that support more inclusivity in cultural institutions, artistic events, […]
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Data Detox Webinar

Data Detox with Varoon Bashyakarla

Are you and/or your organisation in an unhealthy relationship with your data?! Maybe that’s a question you’ve been meaning to answer for a long time, but didn’t quite know how. Or maybe you’re getting increasingly concerned about high profile data breaches, creepy ads following you around the internet, or simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume […]
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Unlocking Creative Communications: a Journey from Creative Brief to Ideas and Executions

Planning a communication campaign? Discover the importance of a well-crafted creative brief, gain insights into powerful storytelling, and learn how to make your solution stand out. Lisa Glonti, Creative Consultant and Art Director at BBDO Germany, will guide you through creative strategy, share practical examples, and explore translating campaign objectives into compelling executions.  
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Cybersecurity for CSOs with Varoon Bashyakarla

Cybersecurity isn’t just a buzzword, but a critical concept for the success of any CSO, activist, and for the safety of a team. The security of information (both online and off) is a challenge that requires focus, investment and vigilance.  Check our recorded webinar on Cybersecurity for Civil Society Organisations  with Varoon Bashyakarla. Varoon underlines […]
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