If you’re an activist or representative of a civil society organisation in one of the Eastern Partnership countries who would like to strengthen your skills for Project Proposal Development, we have the perfect online mini-training series for you.  Four webinars, one hour each, dedicated to helping you navigate your way to drafting a project proposal ready for EU funding.  Furthermore, with every webinar recording you can also download supporting materials, such as the presentation slides and Frequently Asked Questions, as well as links to relevant guides, manuals and case study examples.

Webinar 1: Overview of Project Design and Project Management

This introductory session provides an overview of the whole series, explains terms and principles for project development, and helps learners to improve their skills for identifying the most relevant and feasible project ideas.

Download Materials for Webinar 1:

Webinar 2: People in Projects

The second session explores what is meant by ‘stakeholder’ and how you can undertake a mapping of stakeholders and their interests.  The session also looks at how your project design can incorporate the mechanisms for good project governance and accountability to stakeholders.

Download Materials for Webinar 2:

Webinar 3: Purpose and Objectives in Projects

In this session learners explore the very core of successful project development by learning how project objectives can be achieved through the planning of appropriate activities and deliverables.  The video also explains how a budget should be built up and refined.

Download Materials for Webinar 3:

Webinar 4: Monitoring and Control in Projects

The final webinar in the series is devoted to assisting learners to strengthen their skills for using logical frameworks and other tools that support good project management and reporting.  The video explains baselines, targets and indicators, and also helps viewers to understand how they can best include EU ‘cross-cutting issues’ into their project design.

Download Materials for Webinar 4:

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