2020 Online EaP Civil Society Hackathon: Call for Applications from IT Professionals & Designers

As the 2020 EaP Civil Society Hackathon goes online, we re-open the Call for Applications from IT professionals and graphic designers from EaP countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) and the EU!

To apply for participation in the 2020 Online EaP Civil Society Hackathon, interested IT professionals and graphic designers need to:

The 2020 Online EaP Civil Society Hackathon to be held in July will bring together civil society activists, IT professionals, designers, guest speakers and civic tech mentors from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and the EU. The Hackathon participants will work in hack teams consisting of three experts: one subject-matter expert from a civil society organisation (CSO), one IT professional (front-end / back-end developers, web / mobile, full-stack, etc.) and a graphic designer. The IT professionals and designers in the hack teams will be formally engaged by the EU Project and will receive remuneration for their work on the prototypes.

For the first time, due to the change in format, we are now able to accept applications from IT professionals and designers from the EU Member States as well. 

Why should you apply?

    • You will get to apply your skills to interesting and innovative solutions that help communities and citizens.
    • You will get to meet and work with a network of young people from the region and will gain new skills and understanding of civic tech projects.
    • You may get new work opportunities with the teams involved in the hackathon.
    • You will get remunerated for your work.
    • You will have the flexibility of working online without major impacts on other assignments you might have.

How the 2020 Online EaP Civil Society Hackathon will proceed?

Check the main steps and key dates of the Hackathon:

    1. IT Professionals and Graphics Designers apply for the 2020 Online Hackathon until 29 June 
    2.  Up to 30 developers and designers shortlisted by July 6
    3. Shortlisted developers and designers meet with the authors of 15  ideas of digital solutions selected within the 2020 Online Ideathon, at the live opening of 2020 Online Hackathon on July 9
    4. Authors of selected solutions publish their projects on Trello board on July 9-10
    5. Authors of selected solutions present live their ideas to the developers and designers on July 11
    6. Building hack teams: from the Trello board developers and designers choose the project they want to work on (until July 15)
    7. The Hackathon Coordinator verifies the hack teams on Trello: one author of the project, one developer and one designer (July 15)
    8.  Hack teams work on the prototypes until July 30 (Teams discussions on Slack / Individual consultations and webinars with mentors on ZOOM)
    9. Prep meeting for final pitches with Hackathon Coordinator (July 30)
    10. Live final pitches on August 1 and online voting for best solution. Up to top 7 solutions are nominated for funding through Digitalisation for Civil Society Award

We updated the 2020 Hackathon processes to meet the challenge of working with mentors and teams remotely and efficiently at the same time and to compensate the selected IT professionals and graphic designers for their work on developing the prototypes of the 15 digital solutions to be selected during the 2020 Online EaP Regional Hackathon. The updated timeline and processes are detailed in the revised version of the Guidelines for Applicants.

If you want to find out more about what our participants will be working on, please have a look at the list of ideas selected for participation in the Ideathon (out of these 32 ideas we will select 15 for participation in the Hackathon).

Website of 2020 Online EaP Civil Society Hackathon


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