Green Offices & Behaviour Centred Interventions webinar addresses what it means to establish green or environmentally friendly practices at an organisational level with special focus on waste minimisation, particularly in contexts that have fragmented and improper waste management systems. The webinar also covers consumer experience and importance of gaining insight into the behaviour trends of the end-users and presents various behaviour levers that can be applied to change behaviours towards more sustainable practices.

Speaker: Nana Takvarelia, Communications Officer, Food Waste Focal Point, Caucasus Environment NGO Network (CENN)
Nana obtained her bachelor’s degree in Law and Languages at Cardiff University, UK. She worked in international development, with a focus on food security policy and campaigns in Kenya, Indonesia, Georgia and Armenia. Over the past four years, she worked on waste management including food waste and plastic waste. She specializes in public campaigns and behavior-centered design and has led policy advocacy campaigns. Her role at CENN involves working with youth to raise awareness, rolling out public campaigns, and advocating for policy changes.
In her spare time, she writes for various media outlets about food and the environment and in 2018 became the winner of the EU Prize for Journalism for a best opinion piece. She also writes and performs music and runs various cultural and music projects.

This is the 3rd webinar in a series of ‘Civil Society & the Green Deal’ webinars for civil society representatives from the Eastern Partnership countries. The webinar was organised by our Project in partnership with ‘green’ platform Caucasus Environment NGO Network (CENN).

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