Explore our latest video series designed to enhance the well-being and effectiveness of community volunteers and CSO workers. “Stress and Healthy Lifestyles” offers practical tips for stress reduction and healthy living from a team with over 40 years of experience. “An Introduction to Psychological First Aid (PFA)” equips first responders with the skills to manage stress-induced incidents through empathy and active listening. Lastly, “Virginia Satir’s Change Process Model” provides a framework for understanding and facilitating change, drawing from the pioneering work of a renowned psychotherapist.

After watching the videos, we highly recommend downloading and reading the guidance and checklists referenced in the videos.  The presentation and handouts are part of a modular Stress Management for CSOs online course facilitated by the Community Development Platform for the EaP Civil Society Facility Project in 2023.

  1. Stress and Healthy Lifestyles

Our Stress Management training team collectively has more than 40 years of experience in supporting community volunteers to mitigate the stresses from their work and in this 30-minute presentation they explain simple tips for stress reduction and strengthening healthy lifestyles.

  1. An Introduction to Psychological First Aid (PFA)

CSO workers and community volunteers are very often the ‘first responders’ in societies and neighbourhoods that are traumatised and with individuals who are facing sudden stress-inducing incidents.  Having an introduction to Psychological First Aid is an important stepping-stone for such activists and volunteers wanting to be better prepared.  The presentation and accompanying handouts, amongst other things, provides a brief guide to interpreting the symptoms and signs of stress, and how to provide empathy and active listening.

  1. Virginia Satir’s Change Process Model

Having a framework by which to understand how organisations or individuals are impacted by and adapt to events of change helps to navigate the possibilities of facilitating the change process.  Virginia Satir’s Change Process Model is one such framework and in this video the model is introduced and our mental health expert explains how it can be used.

Virginia Satir was an acclaimed American author and psychotherapist who pioneered new approaches to family therapy and who developed a Change Process model through clinical studies which since the 1990s has been used by management consultants to understand organisational change.

Download all handouts here (zip file).


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