IT professional and designers are needed for selected ICT tools ideas! Deadline: 14 May 2018

That was not an easy job, but the Hackathon Selection Committee has selected 20 ideas of ICT tools to participate in 2018 EaP Civil Society Hackathon in Minsk. These are two projects from Azerbaijan and Georgia each, three ICT tool ideas from Armenia and one IT solution from Moldova. Activists from Belarus and Ukraine were the moist creative: six projects were selected to participate in the Hackathon from each country.

Now we are inviting IT professionals and designers from EaP countries who are concerned about social issues in their home countries and want to join us in Minks to help with the projects:

  • e-Reporting services for students and drivers
  • interactive maps of community lands, street light, and capital construction
  • Interactive budget of public financing for CSOs
  • mobile apps for women, people with disabilities, people in need and for cancer surveillance
  • online non-discrimination and anti-hate speech verification facility
  • fake news hunter mobile game
  • crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing platforms and modules, etc.

If you live and work in an EaP country and want to help with the implementation of one of these ICT tools ideas with your coding and/or design skills, register for Minsk Hackathon until 14 May! The organisers cover your travel and accommodation in Minsk.

How does 2018 EaP Civil Society Hackathon work?

The Hackathon partners 60 activists with IT professionals and designers in teams of 3-4 persons for an intensive 2.5 days of project research, design and creation. Guest speakers and mentors from activism and technology will hold master-classes for all participants and offer guidance on how to improve their products. During the Hackathon each team will develop a prototype of their product. On the last day the teams will pitch their ideas to the entire group, and the best three projects will be invited to apply for Digitalisation for Civil Society Award from the European Union’ EaP Civil Society Facility project to kick-start their initiative.


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