How elearning games are helping to manage risk and compliance

Interview with Catriona Razic, Skillcast CCO, at World of Learning 2019, on Skillcast’s use of SCORM elearning games in compliance learning.

At World of Learning 2019, Catriona Razic, CCO of compliance learning provider Skillcast, spoke about how Skillcast is making wide use of SCORM-based elearning games, as a way to help their clients better manage risk and compliance.

Catriona talks about how, especially in the finance sector where 50% of Skillcast’s business is, introducing elearning games means that the learning and development function can personalise compliance learning and target it to where it’s most needed. Catrionia goes on to talk about the wider compliance learning market and how it’s evolving.

Watch Catriona Razic’s interview here on Learning News and check out more interviews from World of Learning 2019.



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