Over the last 15 years, communication has seen drastic changes. If asked to describe today’s ideal communication, ‘person-centered’, ‘horizontal’ and ‘engaging’ would be the key features. If this description reminds you of social media, you are right, because these were the media that caused most of the recent changes. And while 99.9% of civil society groups and organisations are present in at least one out of more than 100 social networks, the question remains on what we really know about the key ones. At the webinar, we will compare our experiences of getting social, reflect on what social media are good for and how we know whether we are using them in the right way, and see if there is a space to improve our social media practices.

The recording material of the Webinar is available at the following link

Webinar Communication for Impact: Social Media, (.pptx, 22 MB)


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