An online lecture on reforms and challenges in Ukraine’s energy sector was prepared and presented by DiXi Group Research Director Roman Nitsovych on December 18, 2020. This piece became the final webinar of the series, which also covered the energy sector of all other Eastern Partnership countries.

During the webinar, Roman Nitsovych touched upon various topics that are the most pressing and interesting from the standpoint of the Eastern Prtnership region. First, within the general overview of Ukraine’s energy sector he presented the key data on the energy balance, level of dependency and production / consumption ratios, and pointed out the dynamics. Then, in the major part of the webinar, Roman Nitsovych spotlighted the main processes and successes of reforming the gas and electricity markets. He also paid attention to climate policy issues.
Also, attention was paid to the issues of the European Green Deal and the potential ways of Ukraine’s accession to this strategy.

Of particular interest and questions from the participants were topics of support for renewable energy sources, including the debt crisis in settlements with producers working on the “green” tariff, as well as the interaction of the “GTS Operator of Ukraine” with related operators.


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