Gender Mainstreaming

Gender mainstreaming has been embraced internationally as a strategy towards realising gender equality. It involves the integration of a gender perspective into the preparation, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, with a view to promoting equality between women and men and combating discrimination.  During our webinar we gave an overview of the main […]
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Environmental Mainstreaming

Environmental mainstreaming is important because economic and social development and the environment are fundamentally interdependent. The way we manage the economy and political and social institutions has critical impacts on the environment, while environmental quality and sustainability, in turn, are vital for the performance of the economy and social well-being. To put it simply, not […]
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Data Science for CSOs or How CSOs can Use Data in their Work

With technological development, more and more data is being created and collected, and it allows companies and organisations to process these data and turn them either into insights to make better decisions, or tools which can make their work easier and better. While private companies harness these opportunities with big success, CSOs seem to be […]
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